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Sarah James Interview - Part Two

Thanks for coming back. I hope you have all enjoyed the interview so far and the final part is now available to read. Don't stop now!

4. What inspired you to write Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love? What did you want to achieve by telling others about your experiences?

As I said at the start, the birth of my first child, Jack, and the shock of that birth, was a big inspiration. The antenatal classes I taught were also an inspiration. I was amazed at how many women in their early to mid thirties had never even held a baby let alone attended a birth. There was a lack in the knowledge that used to be handed down through the generations. Women are no longer at home helping their cousins or sisters look after babies. Women are at work. Most of the time they dont give babies or birth a second thought until they decide they want a baby of their own, and then all of a sudden they find themselves faced with a seemingly insurmountable learning curve.

I wanted to help women on that journey, in a friendly down to earth way that wasnt going to overwhelm them or make them feel like they were being talked down to or dictated to. I wanted women to know the truth about birth, the things that have made me laugh, the things that have made me cry. Most of all though, I wanted to empower women, wanted them to be confident in their bodies and in their heart so they could choose the birth that was right for them and their babies.

5. You mentioned about two other projects, including another non fiction book that you are currently working on. Please tell me more about these.

The non-fiction book Im working on is a parenting book; its been a long time in the making.

Originally I thought it was going to be a book about breastfeeding and sleep patterns, about babies, but Ive come to realise, as my babies have grown, that there really is no right or wrong way to bring up a baby as long as you are bringing them up with love. And besides that there are oodles of books out there telling you how to do it, something for everyone to identify with.

So with Jack turning eighteen this week I cant believe Im the mother of an eighteen year old (how did that happen?), my parenting book has morphed. Its become more of a philosophy on parenting than a how to although there are definitely how to bits in there. Its a big unwieldy thing at the moment with eight sections all headed with attributes that you would hope your child grows up to have like, independent, creative and considerate and then underneath the headings a theory on how you might gently nudge your child in the right direction. I think I had to wait until Jack was eighteen before I could write this one, had to prove I was capable of surviving the parenting journey.

The other book Im working on is a fiction book called Luka. When I had my babies I was desperate for a girl, I know, you shouldnt be, but I was. Id grown up with two sisters and a mother who I was very close to, I guess I was looking to repeat those relationships. Dont get me wrong, I love my boys desperately and wouldnt swap them for all the girls in the world, but there was just something in me, something I couldnt deny or squash, that wanted a daughter. It turns out Im not the only one out there, its amazing when you talk to women who only have boys, how many of them had been secretly wishing for a girl. So all this got me thinking. What if a boy knew that his mother had been desperately wishing for a girl? Where would that leave that kid? What would his relationship be like with his mother?

Luka is about a fourteen-year-old boy who struggles with all these questions, particularly the one of whether his mother loves his sister more than him. Im on the final edit of this book, hoping to have it out by the end of the year.

I want to start by saying a big thanks to Sarah for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish her the very best of luck with Midwife Wisdom, Mother Love, as well as other projects.

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